Done rite. One day I noticed that my cat was staring at the floor. After looking closer at what he saw I found that there was water seeping up between the cracks in my flooring. I quickly determined that it had come from the supply line behind my fridge and shut it off. I called Done Rite Flood and Fire services and spoke with the owner, Andrew. I explained my circumstances and he said he was working nearby and that he would come to my house within the hour. Andrew arrived soon after my call, assessed the damage, and advised of the appropriate plan to begin repairs. The next day he and his crew were at my house and began the process of removing the damaged flooring and drying out the subfloors. They took great care to make sure that only the damaged materials were removed and protected the rest of my home from any further contamination by putting up plastic barriers. They returned daily to monitor the moisture levels and made approximate adjustments to the drying equipment as needed. I was present during all of the work that Done Rite performed and was thoroughly impressed with the care that they took to preserve what they could of my home. The staff were completely polite and professional thought my contact with them as were all of the additional subcontractors that worked with Done Rite. Any issues I brought up were addressed quickly and resolved completely to my satisfaction. I should add that Done Rite, also billed my insurance company directly, and provided them with very detailed reports of the damage to my home. This was exactly the information needed so that I could have the repairs covered by my insurance company. I can't say enough about how important this was. As it removed one of the biggest stresses of the entire ordeal.

Jason C

These guys are the best in the business

Gus C.

Andrew and his associates were very efficient and competent. I was very happy with the job performed.

Bonnie V.

Great job cleaning out a car that had been flooded. Mitigated musty smell and took care of it perfectly! Very easy to work with!

Bryan H.